What is 3D audio and how does it compare to regular audio?

What is 3D audio, how does it compare to regular stereo audio and why is it just now becoming so popular and relevant? Scientists, artists, and inventors have been experimenting with 3D sound recording and reproduction for over 130, but only recently has modern technology made it possible to deliver high-precision 3D audio to the …

The Audible Reality Player

When it comes to you and your music you simply deserve better, which is why we have been hard at work developing the Audible Reality Player, an AI-driven 3D audio music player created to enhance and personalize the music listening experience forever. The Audible Reality Player is built using our core aiAudioEngine API and is …

What is Audible Reality?

Over the last few years, we have learned that people listen to music in the worst ways (cheap devices, bad streaming quality, no control of the listening experience whatsoever). We also know artists aren’t getting paid much since almost 80% of listeners now stream their music and less and fewer listeners are buying music.  In …

Audible Reality’s NAMM Show Recap

Making its start in 1901 NAMM — which stands for the National Association of Music Merchants — is a trade organization for the music gear industry. It’s a way for brands to be seen by the press, allow consumers to demo products and create an all around hype for their business.

Behind the Studio Glass with CEO Matt Boerum

The question of who is Audible Reality lies within its creative genius Matt Boerum. A musician first and an audio engineer second, Matt always seems to find himself somewhere between his love for music and his creativity.