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The Audible Reality Player

Mar 5 / 2019

2 min read

When it comes to you and your music you simply deserve better, which is why we have been hard at work developing the Audible Reality Player, an AI-driven 3D audio music player created to enhance and personalize the music listening experience forever. The Audible Reality Player is built using our core aiAudioEngine API and is easily integrated into any music streaming service or device. Take your favorite tracks and play them through one of our 3D audio Vibes to take your music to the next level. Designed by our award-winning audio engineers and AI specialists, each Vibe acts as a 3D audio remix and is customized to enhance different aspects of each song. Depending on which Vibe you choose you will get a completely different sound experience.  For example, if you’re using Club, add that extra oomph to feel completely immersed in your own club-like environment with sizzling highs, a slammin’ room and chest thumping bass ( strobe lights not included).  For an opposite experience, flip through our array of Vibes and settle in with Intimate as the sound comes through closer than ever.

Our one of a kind player also uses AI technology to analyze and extract salient song features that optimize your listening experience, meaning that as you listen, Audible Reality is right there with you as your personal sound engineer, delivering high-quality sound and improving your listening experience as a whole. Even if you are listening through normal speakers, earbuds or your car stereo, our player’s audio enhancement technology will easily turn all of your music into high quality sounding audio. Recreate, share and play all your favorite music with our all in one music player of the future. We are creating new realities in audio, setting a new standard in sound customization and connecting the world through our unique shareable sound experiences, all with just the push of a button. So climb inside the sound of the Audible Reality Player and get closer to the music you listen to every day by letting us lead you into the future of music streaming and audio.

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