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What is Audible Reality?

Feb 6 / 2019

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Over the last few years, we have learned that people listen to music in the worst ways (cheap devices, bad streaming quality, no control of the listening experience whatsoever). We also know artists aren’t getting paid much since almost 80% of listeners now stream their music and less and fewer listeners are buying music.  In today’s world, there’s an emotional disconnection for fans of music when they listen through their devices. That feeling you have at a live concert or solo performance, for instance, never translates fully through your phone speaker or earbuds. This absence of reality leaves the audio user experience flat, and at times, off-putting. It seemed there was a need to get the power back to the artist and improve the experience of sound being delivered to users. With Audible Reality’s enhancement software engaged in a device or a streaming service, users connect instantly to their music on a key emotional level through custom-tuned immersive audio enhancement.

Audible Reality is an all in one music application and creator tool that when combined create a multi-faceted platform for regular streaming or personalized listening. Users can use our creator tool to make their own Vibes (3D audio enhancement presets) acting as their own producer for their favorite music. These Vibes are sold just like merch but can be engaged live within our API to create unique experiences for any track, no matter where you listen. The average annual per-user revenue increase for an artist using Audible Reality on a streaming platform is 165%. We also decrease the annual per-user loss for a streaming platform by 30-40%.

We are setting a new standard in sound and music personalization by allowing users to have the capability to maximize music in their own way. Over the last few years, the company has been accelerating at full speed, with the help of some fundraising they did back in June they have gained loads of interest from the industry as well as individual artists from all over the world. They have many visions for the multifaceted platform but the main goal will always stay the same, deliver high-quality sound with an exceptionally personal experience. The AR team loves music as much as you do which is why they are very excited to bring to you this revolutionary audio platform which will deliver the most enhanced and personalized sound experience for each individual user. The team at AR truly believe that music is personal, so let start treating it that way.

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